Nohava Construction doesn’t just offer products to customers. They offer solutions. Their partnership with Duro-Last Roofing, Inc. allows them to deliver one of the most durable, maintenance-free and high-performing roof systems in the industry. To top it off, Nohava Construction has been named an Elite Roofing Specialist, which means your warranty is automatically guaranteed with any Nohava installation.

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the duro-last roofing system

The white membrane Duro-Last roofs offer is extremely
energy efficient, reflecting the sun to keep buildings cool.

Nohava Construction has strategically focused on Duro-Last roofing technology, which is well-suited to the needs of nearly any commercial roofing customer. This level of concentration means they invest in honing their skills with a specific chosen product. This allows them to be very, very good at what they do.