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What service will Duro-Last provide to ensure that the roofing system is properly designed and installed?

With assistance from the Duro-Last sales, engineering and quality assurance staff, Duro-Last can be part of the roof project from the design phase all the way to the final inspection.  With proper scheduling, Duro-Last can assist in evaluating the conditions of existing roofing systems and aid in writing specifications on any roofing project.  During the installation process, Duro-Last can also provide assurance that the roof is being installed to specifications. 

Once any commercial roof project is completed, Duro-Last quality assurance personal will physically inspect the roof to make sure it meets Duro-Last published specifications. 
All the services related to a roof project are available to roofing contractors, building owners and architect/engineers. Call Nohava Construction today at 712-548-4437. 

Duro-Last has a published 15-year warranty.  How can a building owner be certain that Duro-Last will be around that long?

Duro-Last has been supplying and warranting roofing systems since 1978, making it one of the oldest roofing manufactures in the industry.  Duro-Last has been under the same ownership since 1978, providing stability that is very important when a building owner is investing in a long-term warranty relationship.  The current Duro-Last Roofing System has also been available for over 20 years and has successfully performed beyond the life of the published 15-year warranty.  In today’s roofing market, very few roofing systems have been on the market more than 10 years.  It simply makes sense to invest in a roofing system that has been proven successful in its performance and warranty life. 

How does Duro-Last train authorized roofing contractors to install the Duro-Last Roofing System?

Every new Duro-Last authorized contractor is encouraged to attend a Duro-Last “in-house” training program.  Plus, on-the-roof training is conducted by Duro-Last for every new Duro-Last contractor.  Addition training is accomplished through the Duro-Last Quality Assurance warranty inspection program.  All roofs must be installed to strict specifications.  Every commercial roof (any size) that a roofing contractor installs is physically inspected by a Duro-Last quality assurance inspector.  The quality assurance inspector ensures that a contractor’s workmanship is always at a high level. 

How do I get advice on the Duro-Last Roofing System?

Duro-Last has a complete sales, engineering and quality assurance staff to assist all customers and answer any questions.  All you have to do is call one of our locations and ask for the Sales Department.  They will immediately begin assisting you with your needs.  Call Nohava Construction today at 712-548-4437. 

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